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-4 posts / rubber backs
-custom numbered backstamp

From left to right

LE/25 Sunset - Blue Plated Metal + Full Glow + Epoxy
LE/25 Copper - Copper Metal + Half Glow + Half Glitter + Epoxy
LE/25 Pacific - Red Plated Metal+ Full Glow + Epoxy
LE/25 L.A - Purple Dyed Metal + Full Glow + Epoxy
LE/25 Atlantic - Black Nickel No Epoxy
LE/25 ROYG - Black Nickel + Full Glitter + Epoxy

one of each listing per person!

Artist: Carlos Deltizzle l @Deltizzle
Variant Credit: Rah Rah l Travis Spears l Michael Fawkes


Image of SHARKE