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Image of Rocketman

Rocketman limited edition Enamel pin set
Triple posted with rubber clutch
custom enamel backstamp
Partial 3D x Epoxy

[LE50] Gold plated metal with glitter
[LE45] Black nickel metal with glitter
[LE35] White plated metal [RW&B]
[LE45] Anodized metal with glitter

[LE40] Blue dyed metal with glow X UV
[LE40] Blue plated metal with glow X UV
[LE35] White plated metal with glitter X UV [Rainbow]
[LE50] Antique Copper plated metal with glow X UV
All Raw variants are [LE10]

Raw variants are Antique copper, Anodized, White, Black, Gold, Blue plated, Blue dyed
Variant Sets - include all [8] variants

Baller Sets- include all [8] variants and all [7] raws
Artist: DLO | @DLO168
This listing will go live at Sept 25th
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