Kitty in a jar

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Image of Kitty in a jar

Kitty in a jar
Limited edition enamel pin set
-3 posts

Left to right [Top row]

[LE25] [Black Kitty] Gold / Glitter / UV
[LE25] [Orange Kitty] Black nickel / Glow
[LE25] [Gray Kitty]Black nickel / Glow

Left to right [Bottom row]

[LE25] [Blue Kitty]Blue plated / Glitter / UV
[LE25] [Space Kitty]Gold Plated / Glitter
[LE25] [Red Kitty]Black nickel / Glow
[LE25] [White Kitty]Blue dyed / Glow

* 2 blindbags OR 1 [SET] per person
* Baller sets include all [4] LE10 Raw pin sets
* All raws are [LE10]

Artist: Flayme Wright l @flayme_tattoobaby_wright