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Image of Headbanger

Headbanger limited edition Enamel pin set
5 post's with rubber clutch
custom enamel backstamp
[LE50] Black Nickel X OG
[LE45] Blue Plated X Blue Dream [Full Glow]
[LE40] Purple Plated X Purple Haze [Full Glitter x UV]

[LE35] Red Dyed X Slurricane [ Full Glitter X UV]
[LE30] Red Plated X Strawberry Lemonade [ Full Glow]
[LE25] Anodized X Gorilla Glue [ Full Glow]
All Raw variants are [LE10]

Raw variants are: Black Nickel , Blue Plated, Purple Plated, Red Dyed, Red Plated, Anodized
Variant Sets - include all [6] variants

Baller Sets- include all [6] variants and all [6] raws
Artist: Nixis and Mars l @Nixisandmarsartarena
*Note: due to the plating process some plated parts may contain scratches