Majestic Stoner *Presale*

$15.00 On Sale

Image of Majestic Stoner *Presale*

Majestic Stoner Limited edition Enamel pin set

-Triple Posted
-Back stamp mold

[Top Left]
WHITE WIDOW LE20 // Full Glow + Epoxy (Black nickel metal)
[Top Right]
ORANGEADE LE20 // Full Glitter + Epoxy (Orange anodized metal)
[Bottom Left]
BIG SMOKE LE20 // Partial Glow + Epoxy (Maroon dyed metal)
[Bottom Right]
PURPLExHAZE LE20 // Full Glow + Epoxy (Red anodized metal)

[Set only // Not pictured ]
GRAPE COOKIES LE15 // Full Glitter + Epoxy (Blue anodized metal)

Artist: Diego Oldwood l @Oldwood.arts

*Only 10 of each variant and 5 sets available during the presale drop*
*Full Sets will include a bonus LE10 RAW variant*